Do you have periodontitis and gingival
pocket complaints?

Finally, a preventive solution!

A study about the patented Parodont Creme has shown, that it prevents parodontitis. The organic black cumin seed oil in Parodont Creme means that the gums reattach to the teeth, thereby effectively preventing further inflammation. This therefore reduces the notorious periodontal pockets.

Parodont Creme

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content: 10 ml
administration: Creme
ingredients: organic black cumin seed oil

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Nigella sativa Linneaus

The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the effectiveness of the healing effect created by Parodont Creme on gingival pockets of the periodontitis patients.

Approximately 250 affected teeth were treated in a double blind study. In order to prove the effect of the Parodont Creme,´ a creme with the same odor and flavor but without any pharmacological effect was used as placebo. Paradont Creme was applied on one half of patient’s gingival pockets, while placebo was applied on the other half of the same patient. Neither the patient nor the doctor knew which creme was applied on which half of the jaw. A medical statistician had previously combined the cremes, and evaluated the study further as well.

Result: Only the teeth that were treated with Parodont Creme, showed significant reductions in the gingival pockets.

Conclusion: Parodont Creme “causes gingival pockets to close again. It means that the gingiva (gum) gets attached to the tooth once again, and therefore it results in the previously unattained "reattachment". Food residues can no longer reach the gingival pockets, so the inflammation heals.

Read here the complete Research Study

Parodont Creme - A effective preventive solution for inter alia this applications:


It supports that the gingival pockets
are reattached to the tooth.

Gingival Inflammation

Fast and effective prevention for
various types of gingival inflammation.


Prevents Oral
inflammations effectively.

Gingival Bleeding

Permanent support for and prevention
from gingival bleeding.


When used regularly Parodont Creme
prevents Herpes in the mouth.

Chapped Lips

Not only small but also deep cracks are closed effectively.

Pressure Sores Caused by Prosthesis

Supports detumesce of pressure
sores caused by prosthesis.

Parodont Creme® Parodont Creme® - wirksames natürliches Mittel gegen Parodontose und Zahnfleischentzündungen